Surge Protection – Keep Electronics & Appliances Safe

There are lots of sensitive electronics and appliances in your home that could potentially endure serious damage from a surge. Surges are caused by many events, and they are quite common. Smaller surges can originate from your utility company, and larger ones are caused by lightning strikes or powerline interference. Most are actually generated from your own home.

Protect your home from a large range of scenarios with whole house surge protection from Mister Sparky, and let us save your possessions.

The Dangers of Surges

Large power surges, such as those caused by lightning strikes, will cause immediately apparent damage. During a thunderstorm, your power might cut off, and then when it returns one or more of your electronics/appliances has gone out for good.

Smaller surges cause smaller, repeated damage that over time has the same result as a large power surge: appliances and electronics damaged beyond repair. They’re sometimes caused by heavy appliance usage.

So what is the solution to preventing all of these? Many people try to unplug everything before a storm, but that is inconvenient and not always doable when you are away from home. Instead, try a whole home surge protector to guard against surges from every source.

A surge protector can keep surges from damaging:

  • Phone Lines

  • Electrical Lines

  • Cable Lines

  • TVs

  • Stereo Equipment

  • Microwave Oven

  • Kitchen Appliances

  • Washing Machine

  • Dryers

  • Window Fan

Let Mister Sparky Erase the Possibility of Power Surge Damage

Leave it to the licensed electricians at Mister Sparky to absolve your worries during your next thunderstorm and keep your electronics and appliances safe.

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