Get Your Choice of Fan Professionally Installed

Gain more control of your indoor climate with the help of a fan. Mister Sparky specializes in two types of residential fan installations: ceiling fans and exhaust fans. There are many advantages to both! Whatever you are looking for in a fan, our licensed electricians can make it happen.

A Good Installation Equals Superior Performance

No matter how good the product you choose, its optimal performance can only be achieved with the proper installation. This is important for exhaust fans and ceiling fans.

Exhaust Fan Installation – Exhaust fans remove moisture from your bathrooms and smoke from your kitchen. They also help release bad odors and fumes from cleaning agents and more. Common issues that come from an improper installation include loud operation, condensation, mold blooms, wood rot and more.

Ceiling Fans – Have you ever seen a fan that wobbles as it spins? Or turned on a fan just to find that you could barely feel the difference? These are both results of installation errors. They aren’t just inconveniencing, either; improper installations can compromise your safety, as the fan could fall from the ceiling or have a dangerous electrical issue.

We can install a ceiling fan for your:

  • Bedroom

  • Living Room

  • Dining Room

  • Kitchen

  • And More

Hire an Electrician to Avoid Fan Installation Risks

Call (205) 286-6800 to begin enjoying a new, professionally installed fan! Whether you need one in your bathroom, bedroom or other room of your home, we can help.

Customers all over the nation and Birmingham, AL choose us for our experienced, friendly service and straightforward pricing.

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