Add Elegance With Recessed Lighting in Your Home

There are few things that can greatly enhance a room in your house as easily as recessed lighting installation.

Recessed lighting never goes out of style! You can replace or add to your current lighting to bring a better ambience to the room or highlight your favorite aspects of the room. They are “hidden” in the ceiling, providing light without a bare bulb or another fixture.

To have the installation done right, you should hire a licensed electrician. At Mister Sparky, all of our electricians are licensed. We can make sure that your new lighting not only looks top notch but is also installed safely and up to code.

Your Options For Recessed Lighting are Endless

Recessed lights are so much more than out-of-the-way lighting! You can use them to accomplish a multitude of effects by strategically placing them and choosing design options. Some of your customization options include:

  • Room Placement – Want to entertain guests more in the living room? Aiming to add ambience in your bedroom? Maybe you have a bathroom that you’ve spent a lot of work decorating. Whichever room or rooms you want recessed lighting in, we can make it happen.

  • Trim Options – A white trim is very popular, as this usually blends in with the ceiling the best. However, if you want a special effect, there are many to choose from.

  • Accentuation – By placing recessed lights over your favorite aspects of a room, it highlights them strategically.

  • Combination With Other Lights – A variety of lighting, in many instances, can create a little more harmony. If you don’t want to replace all of your lights, this is an option.

  • LED lights– LED bulbs are efficient, durable and don’t radiate much heat.

If you can think of other options, chances are, we can make it happen. We’ll inspect your home to make sure the project is doable and provides you with exactly what you were looking for.

We Want to Hear Your Recessed Lighting Goals!

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