Make the Safety Upgrade With a GFCI Installation

An electrical outlet installation is a quick process.

A GFCI outlet could save your life. These devices actually could have prevented more than half of all household electrocutions, according to the US Consumer Protection agency. It is extremely important that they be installed in bathrooms, kitchens, garages, exterior walls and other places that are in contact with both water and electrical use.

If your home is on the older side or you have had an unlicensed person do outlet work for you in the past, it is time to call in the professionals at Mister Sparky for GFCI service and installation.

High Quality Products & Installations

We install only high-quality outlets. When your safety is on the line, we don’t play around with cheap products! We take every step necessary to ensure that your results are as safe as possible and look professional. Our GFCI services include:

  • Testing Existing Products – We can help you make sure that any existing GFCI outlets still function as they should. If not, we can replace them.

  • Weather-Resistant Outlets – There is a special type of GFCI outlet that must be installed outdoors.

  • Demonstrating Proper Use – We can walk you through how to use these outlets properly so that they bring you all of the promised protection.

There are many more details we won’t bore you with. Our electricians will handle everything and leave you with a home you can feel safe in. We can also help you with any other updates if you are interested, including electrical panel upgrades, home rewiring and code compliance in general.

Mister Sparky is the Name For Safe GFCI Outlet Installation

Mister Sparky has a reputable nationwide presence, but we’re here to serve you at our local branch in Birmingham, AL. We’re a passionate team of licensed electricians, and you can depend on us for integrity. Customers also choose us for:

  • Timely, fast and thorough service.

  • Straightforward pricing.

  • Peace of mind with 100% satisfaction.

  • Experienced, well-trained staff.

  • Courteous customer service.

Call us at (205) 286-6800 to upgrade your outlets for a safer home!

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