Generator Maintenance – Stay Safe & Prepared

We’ll help you achieve the ultimate peace of mind during a power outage with a whole house generator installation.

Imagine this: It’s a typical day in the Birmingham, AL area, when suddenly you hear loud thunder. You are inside your home and go to check the forecast. A very bad storm is on its way. You panic a little bit—what if the power goes out? When was the last time you had your generator checked for issues? Will it still work?

That scenario can be completely prevented with professional generator maintenance from Mister Sparky. A little bit of maintenance now will give you major protection down the line from living in the dark, cold or another uncomfortable situation.

We Maintain All Types of Generators

Whether you have a smaller, portable unit or a whole house one, we can provide the generator maintenance and any generator repair you need for reliable performance.

Here are a few tips our expert electricians recommend on your part:

  • Keep stocked on oil and filters at your home so that you don’t get caught without the change you need.

  • Only refill fuel after the engine cools.

  • Keep fuel in the system, and never let it run empty. However, you should periodically cycle out fuel every season.

There are still a lot of things that need to be examined and fine-tuned in your generator. Let the licensed electricians at Mister Sparky provide the rest of the maintenance. If you have any questions about the above maintenance steps, we will be happy to answer those as well!

Call Mister Sparky For Easy Generator Maintenance!

At Mister Sparky, we put a lot of emphasis on positive relationships. We are nationally recognized for quality and uncompromising standards. We hire our employees based on a combination of expertise and customer service. Your property and your family are always respected. As a result of these factors, you’ll always find:

  • The utmost integrity.

  • 100% satisfaction.

  • True 24/7 availability.

  • Fully-prepared electricians.

Call us at (205) 286-6800 for a great maintenance relationship with the Mister Sparky professionals!

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