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Electricity is an absolute necessity these days. Unfortunately, it does come with a lot of risk. If you’re in urgent need of an emergency electrician, we’re your company!

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What is Considered an Emergency?

If the safety of you or anyone in your home is at risk, it is an emergency. You should also call right away if waiting longer will cause you to lose money. These are emergency electrical situations not to ignore:

  • Exposed Wires – There is a large risk of electrocution with exposed wires.

  • Wires in Water – If a pipe has broken in your home or there is another water spill, do not enter the water. Call us!

  • Smoking or Sparking Socket – You are in danger of an electrical fire if you are noticing these signs. Either your wiring is damaged or your home has experience a surge and it is without surge protection.

  • Power Outage – If your neighbors still have power, the problem might lie with your home. This can potentially be very dangerous, for more reasons than a power shortage to your essential appliances. There might be a serious home wiring that needs to be attended to.

We will provide a prompt, emergency electrical repair that prioritizes your home’s safety.

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