Our Electrical Repairs Keep You Safe!

An electrical outlet installation is a quick process.

It can be pretty stressful dealing with an electrical mishap in your home, but we’ve got your back for a wide range of electrical events that can occur in your home. Ranging from mild to dangerous, no electrical repair is out of the hands of the friendly experts at Mister Sparky of Birmingham.

Bring your electrical issue to our attention, and experience a fast, safe resolution.

Do You Need to Call For Electrical Repair?

Sometimes the signs are obvious. Sparks are flying everywhere, you see a plume of smoke come from your circuit breaker or your outlets aren’t working. But if you are experiencing any of these more subtle issues, you should also call an electrician:

  • Short Light Bulb Life – Going through light bulbs quickly can be a sign that you need an electrical system repair. Varying brightness is another sign.

  • Loose Outlets – Outlets do have a lifespan. If you have to jiggle plugs to get them to work or if the outlet won’t hold the plug, it is a hazard that needs replacing.

  • Shocks From Switches – This is a sign that there is bad wiring or the switch is damaged.

  • Appliance Trouble – If you turn on your washing machine and your lights flicker, your electrical system is experiencing an overload.

  • Discolored Outlets – Small fires in outlets will often cause darkening/discoloration around the outside.

Noticing any other odd signs? It’s best to have something small checked out before it creates a much bigger problem.

Make Sure Your Home is Safe With Mister Sparky

Mister Sparky will fix your electrical problem for you with the help of our sophisticated equipment and highly experienced team. We offer nothing but 100% satisfaction. With our straightforward pricing, quality workmanship, fully stocked trucks and 24/7 service, we deliver on it.

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