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Do you know the real importance of code compliance in your home? It’s not just a legal checkmark—it’s also your family’s safety! It’s part of a larger fire safety effort. Your electrical system has a lot of little intricacies that should be set up a certain way to avoid the risk of fire. Your home’s electrical system may not be set up correctly if it is outdated or if you have had DIY work performed or work from an unlicensed contractor.

Mister Sparky is a licensed electrical contractor ready for the job. We’ll eliminate all of your safety risks and keep your home fire-free.

What Hidden Risks Does Your Home Have?

These are typical causes of code violations and what they entail:

  • DIY Missteps – There are many small but significant mistakes that can be made in a DIY project. These range from wiring shortcuts to crowded service panels and more. No worries—we have seen it all and can handle it!

  • Age-Related Hazards – We can handle your most intense scenario, which is probably getting all of your wiring replaced. We can also assist you with just a few things if that is all the updates your home needs.

Signs of an outdated electrical system include:

  • Home was built before 1980.

  • Frequently resetting circuits.

  • You still have a fuse box.

  • Flickering lights when using an appliance.

  • Needing to use many extension cords.

  • Hot outlets.

Fires break out all the time from outdated or improper electrical work. Avoid the risk of fire entirely with a thorough inspection from Mister Sparky and any necessary service.

Keep Safe. Keep Compliant.

A licensed electrician at Mister Sparky can completely ensure you are code compliant with the National Electrical Code (NEC). Rely on us for our same-day jobs, straightforward pricing and fully-stocked trucks ready to handle any potential issue.

Call us at (205) 286-6800 and experience our outstanding service for your code compliance needs.

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