Get Your Circuit Breaker Replaced by a Professional

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Do you have a fried circuit breaker? Here is how to tell. If you cannot seem to reset it or it doesn’t seem to have any effect when you toggle it, you probably need a new one. And if you notice a burning smell, the breaker is heated or you see worn or burned parts, you definitely need a replacement!

Whatever electrical difficulty you are experiencing in the Birmingham area, you can rely on Mister Sparky to resolve it. Repeated tripping doesn’t necessarily mean you need a replacement, but it can indicate other, more serious problems.

We Have the Right Tools & Expertise For the Job

It may seem like a simple task to remove a circuit breaker, but the experts at Mister Sparky encourage safe, professional work. Steps such as laying down a rubber mat or checking four different aspects of the circuit breaker installed may seem like no big deal. However, they are crucial to the safety and results of the job.

Additionally, if you are noticing serious signs of electrical fire and hazards, such as:

  • Circuit breaker trips frequently and inexplicably.

  • Burning smell emanating from breaker.

  • Breaker is hot to the touch.

  • You see burned parts or frayed wires.

  • There are obvious signs of wear in the electrical panel.

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We Make Your Circuit Breaker Replacement Safe & Speedy

A circuit breaker is a good example of a small part of your electrical system that has a very big job. Everytime it trips, it saves you from potential fires and other electrical mayhem.

Let Mister Sparky handle every step in the process of a professional circuit breaker replacement You can rely on us for:

  • Upfront Pricing

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction

  • Licensed Work

  • 24/7 Service

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