Keep Cool & Save Money With a Ceiling Fan Installation

It’s hot in the Birmingham, AL area! And while most people rely on air conditioning units to provide most of their cool, a ceiling fan is still a phenomenal idea for several reasons. First, you can use it in conjunction with your AC to save on energy bills. Second, it provides air circulation to keep your home fresh. Third, it can increase the aesthetic appeal of the room it is in.

Mister Sparky can install a ceiling fan that operates just as the manufacturer intended. We can also help you position them in multiple locations in your home.

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Our Installations Allow You to Enjoy Your Home More

There is more to a ceiling fan that meets the eye. With a professional installation, it will serve many functions:

  • Save Energy – A ceiling fan does not actually lower the temperature in the room. What it does do is allows you to feel cooler, which means you can turn your thermostat up a few degrees. Some homeowners get as much as 40% energy savings with regular use.

  • Add Style – The appearance options are endless, and what you want to install is entirely up to you!

  • Extra Lighting Options – A fan installation is an opportunity to add to the lighting design of a room.

  • Year-Round Comfort – Fans aren’t just for hot weather! You can also use them in the cooler part of the year to circulate warm air. A counterclockwise spin will help avoid a draft.

There are many issues that an improperly installed fan can cause which might negate some or all of these benefits. If a fan is rocking, for example, it might cause a safety hazard, and it’s not pleasing to look at. An improper installation can also cause it to be less energy efficient than you want.

Choose the Experts For Your Ceiling Fan Installation

What is the easiest way to make sure your installation goes right? By going with the professionals trusted nationwide for expert electrical work. Mister Sparky is a licensed electrical company that follows National Electric Code (NEC) and has a strong, reputable presence in the Birmingham, AL community.

Our customers prefer us for:

  • 24/7 Service

  • Upfront Pricing

  • Prepared Service

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  • Friendly Electricians

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