Have a Home Car Charging Station Installed

Driving an electric car definitely has its perks. Not only does it offer greener transportation and money savings, but refueling can be a snap with a car charging station installation. You’ll never have to worry about finding a place to refuel before driving somewhere or coming home. It is the most convenient place to charge your vehicle.

An experienced, licensed electrician at Mister Sparky can make your home EV charging station a dream come true.

Why Choose a Licensed Electrician For the Job?

An EV charging station installation seems like a simple, straightforward electrical job. And it can be, with the right considerations.

There are a few things that are essential to review, including:

  • Your Current Electrical Infrastructure – It is important to make sure that your home wiring and electrical panel can handle the new installation.

  • Charging Speed – Have you ever bought a new charger for your phone just to discover it takes several times longer than what you’re used to? The same could happen to your car without the proper product and installation.

  • Permits – For charging stations which use higher voltage, a permit is required. We can ease you through this process.

The presence of a qualified electrician is essential to the result of your installation. With all of these considerations, it’s too easy to look one over! Let our thorough work make sure nothing is overlooked.

Depend on Mister Sparky For a Quality EV Port

A car charging station is the way to go for making your life with an electric vehicle even more rewarding. You can trust Mister Sparky for a job well done! The perks of choosing us include:

  • Comprehensive Electrical Services

  • No-Nonsense, Upfront Pricing

  • 100% Satisfaction

  • High Quality Workmanship

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